Top 5 Benefits of Spray Tanning


We all know baking in the sun or in a tanning bed is very bad for our skin. Airbrush spray tanning is a healthy alternative. Spray tanning is a form of sunless tanning where a mist is sprayed onto your body. The mist has an ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is a healthy fat, it interacts with your own skin’s chemistry to turn it tan or bronze. This is a temporary effect that can generally lasts from 7 days – 3 weeks depending on how dark you go, where you go, etc.

The more your showers and scrub your skin the faster it will come off. Spray tanning is completely safe         for your skin, our sunless tanning spray formula has natural ingredients, antioxidants, and holistic   ingredients that are healthy and paraben-free. We have solutions for all skin types, creating a natural golden tan to as dark as you want. With airbrush spray tanning you can get the exact color you want.


 Spray Tans square measure Convenient

If you reside during a location wherever it’s rainy and cloudy lots or if you reside during a place with harsh winters, spray tanning may be a nice choice for you. you will not have to be compelled to go outside in you bathing outfit to fight the coolness or for some of the suns rays.

You’ll even be avoiding those harmful rays which will cause per-mature aging, wrinkles, sun burns, and even severe medical conditions like carcinoma. about to a tanning booth is even worse that sitting within the natural sun lightweight. you’ll be able to get a a golden tan any time of the day notwithstanding the weather outside, associated it takes less that an hour to spray it on and let it dry utterly.

When you maintain vacation its generally exhausting to search out time to urge into the sun or a harmful tanning bed, however with spray tans you’ll be able to quickly and simply work an honest trying tan into your schedule. If work sends you out of city and you are going somewhere cold and dark… bring on your spray tan!

They’re Even Tans

When you go outside to urge a tan, usually you will fine you get uneven results thanks to the various angles the suns rays hit your body. Ti’s not uncommon to search out one facet of your body darker than the opposite facet when sunbathing. Some components might haven’t tanning at all! With a twig on tan you’ll be able to certify you get all the components you wish tan to be nice and equally tan trying. No a lot of uneven areas to ruin your look.

You can conjointly layer the spray for simply the proper shade you need. Tanning in booths or within the sunshine leaves you at the mercy of nature to urge your skin the tan color you wish.

Regular a part of Grooming

With the benefit of use and quality of spray tanning changing into a lot of and a lot of wide notable, folks square measure currently creating it a part of their daily grooming routines. rather like swing make-up on, spray tanners square measure touching up their tans and keeping them trying nice on a routine basis. With spray tans being thus safe as compared to natural tans, it’s no surprise why folks square measure keeping theirs within the best form.

People square measure feeling a lot of assured, sexier and even dilutant when keeping their tans trying attractive all year spherical. Feeling sensible in ones body during a important half in having sensible self-worth and therefore the confidence to travel out and show folks what you’ll be able to do. a twig on tan offers people who very little further edge over the competition.


Here square measure some edges that you just will get from spray tanning:

  1. ACCESSIBILITY. you’ll be able to get a tan whenever you wish and where you’re. this can be terribly helpful for people who board places with cold climates whereby the sun barely rises.
  2. Handiness. you’ll be able to opt for among a good vary of spray tan colours, however use caution in selecting the proper shade for your skin. you do not wish to be associate orange woman walking down the road. it’s a requirement to provoke suggestions from a twig tanning technician otherwise you will apply atiny low quantity of answer to a section of your skin to undertake what is best for you.
  3. LESS STAIN. in contrast to wet overcast tans like lotions, gels and mousses, spray tanning dries up a lot of quicker exploit your garments less stains.
  4. Higher RESULTS. Doing spray tanning is far higher than applying tanning creams and lotions, as a result of it does not leave streaks and blotches on your skin.
  5. STAYS LONGER. Wet tanning solutions like lotions will solely last for 2-3 days whereas spray tanning will last up to per week or a lot of looking on reaction of your skin.

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